Wednesday, 10 March 2010

BNP 'Still a Racist Party', says Respect leader

By Sunil Patel.

The BNP are still a racist party despite their decision to allow ethnic minority membership and the British South Asian community should unite against the movement, says the leader of the Respect Party.

Salma Yaqoob was disappointed with Rajinder Singh's decision to become the party’s first non-white member after he cited violence committed by Muslim’s during the partition of India as his reason for joining.

She said: “I think it’s very naive and hugely divisive to bring subcontinent politics into the UK because it creates factions amongst the South Asian populations when there should be community and unity against these neo-fascist groups.”

She admits the Nick Griffin’s party has used anti-Muslim focussed policy’s as a successful recruiting tool.

However, the Respect party leader argues the former National Front have demonstrated through their actions in the past to be vehemently against the existence of all non-indigenous groups in the UK.

Black, Jewish and Asian populations have been on the receiving end of explosively negative election campaigns mounted by the BNP.

Ms Yaqoob feels the mainstream political process has created a climate which has made it possible to scapegoat Muslims.

And she claims, at the same time the government has done little to address to root concerns of white working class communities, which has been the catalyst for BNP growth.

Ms Yaqoob said, “We shouldn’t underestimate the rise of the BNP. Muslims have become easy targets because of social deprivation and mass unemployment amongst the poor.

She added, “Politicians have pandered to these groups with what they think are populist statements such as 'British jobs for British people'.”

The far-right group have been forced to acknowledge their white only membership policy was discriminatory after being taken to court by lawyers from Equality and Human Rights commission.

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