Monday, 17 May 2010

Chocolate Gives More Pleasure than Sex?

By Ben Aulakh

What women think about the most, enjoy most after a hard day and consider their greatest pleasure is chocolate, according to new research.

A survey of more than 2000 women carried out by Kellogg’s reveals that nearly a quarter – 20 per cent – of women in the UK would rather kiss goodbye to their sex lives before they forgo their chocolate fix.

The report shows that many women have a one-track mind for the treat, with 30 per cent confessing that it was what they thought about most during the day.

This compares to just 18 per cent who said they thought sex

 Sally Tribe from Kellogg’s said, “Our research shows women’s powerful relationship with chocolate, with many admitting they would even choose it over sex.”

“They turn to chocolate when they need comfort, a reward and just to cheer themselves up.”

Dirty looks from partners, feeling guilty afterwards and health concerns came out top as the reasons why many women feel guilty for indulging in themselves.

Despite this 41 per cent said that they treat themselves after eating healthily and 20 per cent after having exercised, 40 per cent also said that it’s the only thing that cheers them up.

Sally added, “For many chocolate never disappoints, however women have a love/hate relationship with something that doesn’t give them any benefit other than pleasure.”

It’s a different story for men with 11 per cent of 655 mean surveyed saying they thought about chocolate the most, compared to 56 per cent whose minds are on sleeping with a woman. 

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