Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Newsnet Comment - Hitch or Ditch, The Choice for First-Time Voters?

In our third story on the run-up to the May 6 General Election, Jaishree Kalia examines the potential suitors for Prime Minister.

I am a first time voter, and in common with many people in my position, our lack of faith in the political system is at its peak.

Let’s be honest, politicians are all viewed as liars, and most of us younger voters feel that finding the right politician is harder than finding the right man; especially when the selection is comprised of such inept suitors.

I personally am finding the whole process of deciding who to vote for somewhat nauseating – to be honest it’s a bit like speed-dating –  a bunch of so called potentials stage their credentials in three minutes, in line with trying to impress every latent other in the room.

The tragic thing is that following the aftermath of such a severe reverse in economic status, the most this country can offer us is the dismal choice of Gordon Brown once again, or the equally disconcerting David Cameron.

Ten years ago I would have married Labour. They increased the minimum wage, improved healthcare and career progression for women, making it an easy submission.

However, 2003 brought the start of my betrayal when I snogged the Lib Dems in protest against the Iraq war; since then it has been affair after affair, and now after all the lies and cheats, divorce is my only option.

What alternative do I have? Promises of magical economic recovery made from measly cutbacks on public spending, a reduction in the number of MP’s (none of the Tories I am sure), and raising the state pension age so that worker’s have to break their backs longer than anticipated.

I think I would rather remain single then commit to such ludicrous vows because the whole thing is just so nonsensical, with each potential hand of marriage offering no joy, progress, security or future.

Furthermore I refuse to be the trophy wife or the subordinate other of such male alter egos.

Though let’s not race into spinsterhood just yet; there is always my knight in shining armour, Nick Clegg; I would love to join him in a honeymoon of ideals but the fact that he will not even make it to the battleground is a huge put-off.

With just sixty-three previous members, the chance that multiple constituencies will change and fall into the hands of the Liberal Democrats is unfeasible.

I remain undecided, with a rising inclination towards Clegg based purely on his openness and attempt to restore faith.  However, in reflection, I feel fit to open a circus rather than marry, as I already have the appropriate selection of jokers, puppets and magicians. Moreover, 40 percent of all individual tickets sold will contribute towards filling the deficit.

Finding the right match on May 6, I say good luck!

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