Thursday, 13 May 2010

Market Inspired Ale for East Midlands.

by Ben Aulakh

The biggest covered market in Europe is to be the inspiration for a brand-new real ale.

Langton Brewery, South Leicestershire have developed the new beverage and are dedicating it to Leicester’s historic market.

The beverage will be unveiled at the Summer Food and Drink Festival held on Sunday May 30.

In a unique twist a competition to name the beer and provide the inspiration for the label has also been launched.

Dave Dyson, co-partner of Langton Brewery, said: “We are delighted to be involved with the food and drink festival and a new festival beer named by the public is a novel way to involve local people.”

The winner will be picked by the brewers and organisers of the festival.

Joe Harkin, market development officer and festival organiser, said: "We wanted to build upon last year’s food festival and the most obvious way to expand is to have a focus on the regions drinks producers.

“I had a really positive meeting with Langton Brewery, we all felt the festival should be a celebration of local produce and thus warranted its very own beer.”

“The idea to ask Leicester residents to name and help design the new beer soon followed and I felt it very fitting as our market and the whole festival is really all about local people and businesses.”

The festival will house 250 unique stalls and is hoping to be the largest regional one-day food and drink festival drawing in up to 15,000 visitors.

To enter the Market Beer competition visit, the competition closes on Friday 14 May and all entrants must be over 18.

Photograph from NotFromUtrecht (CC-BY-SA) (Wikipedia Commons).

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