Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Recognition for Restaurants that are Going Green

By Ben Aulakh

Restaurants in Birmingham will be hoping to be recognised for being green thanks to a unique new set of awards.

The Green Restaurant Awards – set up by the Birmingham Environmental Partnership – will be awarding honours to those eateries that excel in being environmentally friendly.

The city is the first in the United Kingdom to be promoting the sector in this way.

Keith Budden, Manger of the Partnership said, “The Food sector is important as it can help change attitudes in the wider population regarding waste, energy use, and thinking about the providence of what you buy.”  

“The award will enable us to find out what great actions Birmingham's restaurants are already taking, while enabling the restaurant trade to find out more about the environmental services offered by agencies such as business link and the carbon trust.”

The honour will be judging establishments in four main categories; waste management, energy reduction, staff and community and purchasing.

There will be five awards in total: one award for each category and one overall winner of the final award, Green Restaurant of the Year.

This will honour the restaurant that has excelled in all four categories, or shown exemplary commitment to sustainability and the environment

Mr Budden added, “Restaurants themselves are a key element of setting trends and modelling people’s behaviours.  

“By knowing that your local restaurant is playing its part in using less energy and cutting waste can inspire its customers to do the same - seeing low energy spot lights in action can prove that they do work.”

Some eating venues in the city already have a good reputation for being kind to the environment, Opus on Cornwall Street is known for local food sourcing, and the Mint Indian restaurant in Yardley is know for its good waste management.

Woktastic on Paradise Place is also reputed for its energy management, and Cielo on Bridelyplace support's homeless charity St Basils.

The awards will be presented on the 16th July 2010; they will be judged by representatives from the Birmingham Mail, Birmingham City Council, Marketing Birmingham and Veolia Waste.

For more information and to download an application form visit, or call 0121 675 0647.

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