Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Foster at the Peace Festival

By Ben Aulakh

Anyone wanting to care for some of Warwickshire’s vulnerable children will be able to find out all about fostering at the Leamington Spa Peace Festival later this month.

Staff from Warwickshire’s Fostering Team will be on hand to offer information to would be carers on their festival stall held in the Pump Room gardens on June 19 and 20.

Kelly Furness from Warwickshire’s Fostering Service said: “Fostering is a valuable and rewarding career for carers and their families.

To become a carer what matters most is time, space, commitment, patience, a caring nature and skills to work with children and their families.”

The event takes place shortly after the national recruitment campaign ‘Foster Care Fortnight’ has comes to a close, a campaign which put the spotlight on the different types of foster care

It is hoped that the campaign and the information on offer at the festival will prove invaluable to anybody interested in offering support to vulnerable children and young people.

Kelly added, “Carers can be single or couples; with or without children, retired, unemployed or working.

“My colleagues and I are looking forward to meeting people at this event and particularly interested in meeting people who can offer long term care or provide homes to teenagers.”

Full training and support is on offer to anybody who wants to become a carer; staff then match potential foster parents to one of six different schemes, depending on what suits them best.

Carers are also paid an allowance that reflects the real cost of looking after a child.

If you are interested in fostering but cannot attend event please contact the team on 0800 4081556 or visit

For more information about Foster Care Fortnight and the Fostering Network please visit

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