Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Third Party Support in Freefall.

Nick Clegg addresses a Liberal Democrat rally in Bournemouth

By Sunil Patel

Almost one-fifth of those who voted for the Liberal Democrats on May 6 would abandon the party for Labour if there was a general election today, according to a poll by the Independent newspaper.

Voters have become increasingly disillusioned by the party’s unwillingness to challenge the Conservatives on a number of key policies including the introduction of the VAT increase from 17.5 per cent to 20 per cent from January next year.

Many voters feel the Lib Dems have failed to sufficiently challenge the savage public spending cuts championed by Tories which are scheduled for this year.

Many supporters feel deceived by party leader Nick Clegg.

The ComRes poll shows that only 62 percent of possible voters would vote for Nick Clegg’s party in another election.

The centre-left party has lost the support amongst four in ten of those who backed them in May, according to the survey.

Party support seems to be in freefall, as the proportion who would now switch to Labour has risen seven percent in the last month.

The third biggest political party has lost seven percent of voters to the Conservatives over the same period.

The Liberal Democrat political marriage with the Conservatives seems to be more popular with women than men.

The poll found 21 percent of women would vote for the party in a general election today compared to 15 per cent of men who would do the same.

Photograph from, author David Spender

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