Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Students Warned On Dangers Of Festive Drinking

By Ben Aulakh

Students in Leicester are being urged to drink responsibly as part of a Christmas alcohol campaign.

As universities break up for Christmas this week and with students return from studying in other parts of the country, NHS Leicester City is reminding them to think about how much they drink during the party season.

One in five people drink more than double their daily limits, staff from the campaign are asking students not to get carried away and forget how many drinks they have had.

Studies show that regular binge drinking increases the risk of having health problems in the future.

Clare Mills, public health specialist in substance misuse for NHS Leicester City said, “With students going to Christmas parties as well as being eager to catch up with old friends once their home, they often binge drink without realising it.

“In Leicester city one in five people drink more than double their daily limits; these people could be putting their health at risk now and in the future.”

“Too many people don’t know how to stick within the recommended alcohol limits, and drinking too much alcohol is the cause of many health problems and accidents, especially at this time of year."

Anyone who intends on drinking a lot should also remember that alternating alcoholic drinks with soft drinks can prevent dehydration, and eating a substantial meal before going out will slow down the body’s absorption of alcohol.

More than 7,500 hospital admissions each year have alcohol related causes; for more information on alcohol and units log onto NHS Leicester City’s website at, and follow the link to the alcohol advent calendar.

Photograph from Brisbane Times

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