Saturday, 4 December 2010

Warning over Dodgy Timeshare Tactics

The type of deal consumers are being warned about

By Ben Aulakh

Consumers in Warwickshire could soon be offered better protection from unscrupulous and high pressure timeshare sales tactics.

 Warwickshire Councty Council’s Trading Standards Service will be introducing new regulations to tighten up on people being sucked in to dodgy timeshare contracts.

However consumers are being warned not to be caught out signing other similar deals before the new rules are introduced early next year.

Timeshare operators already have to offer consumers a 14 day cooling off period after they sign up to a contract, however the council is warning that other similar products fall outside this rule.

These include holiday club membership, timeshare points programmes – where the number of points is equal to the level of ownership – and timeshare weeks on a boat or yacht.

Trading Standards Officers are also offering advice of how timeshare operators approach potential buyers, which types of timeshare product offer protection, and what consumers should consider before they buy.

They warn that customers should be wary if an operator wants them to bring their passports, utility bills or other forms of ID to a presentation to collect a free prize.

Timeshare representatives are increasingly operating abroad, so people are being warned of approaches when they are on you holiday.

Finally Trading Standards Staff are telling potential buyers, don’t agree to sign any document unless you have had an opportunity to take it away and get some expert, independent legal advice.

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