Friday, 7 January 2011

Burst Pipes Close Schools

People are being asked to insulate their pipes to prevent leaks

By Ben Aulakh

A number of schools across Walsall have been hit by burst water pipes, caused by frost damage during the recent cold snap.

The latest facility to be affected is Willenhall Sports College; burst pipes have forced the closure of 10 rooms alongside the gym and sports hall.

The college has been provisionally shut until January 10.

The Forest Arts Centre in Leamore also suffered a burst water pipe, however the boiler and leak have 
been temporarily repaired, and the centre’s programme of events has continued as planned.

In the light of these leaks, Walsall Council is urging residents and business owners to protect their properties from the extreme cold weather.

They are advising that all exposed pipes are lagged with insulation and that loft and cavity wall insulation is installed, especially to pipes in loft spaces.

People are also being asked to be vigilant over dripping taps and valves as the water could freeze in the waste or overflow pipe and cause a blockage

The council have also been advising that if you turn on a tap and only a trickle of water comes out, you may have a frozen pipe.

Finally people are being told not to use any kind of naked flame to thaw pipes as this can cause water in a frozen pipe to boil and cause the pipe to explode.

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