Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Real-Time Timetable Scrapped

Arriva Midlands pulled out of the system

By Ben Aulakh

An electronic timetable system which gave real-time information to passengers across Leicestershire has been scrapped.

The Star Trak system was shut down yesterday after bus operator Arriva Midlands, which launched a new bus timetable on Monday, decided to withdraw from the system.

The service had included LED displays at bus stops; passengers were also able to check the times of buses on the Star Trak website, and via text.

Councillor Abdul Osman, Leicester City Council's cabinet member for regeneration and transport said, “Leicester City Council has closed the entire Star Trak system in Leicester and Leicestershire.

“Unfortunately the current climate of Government cuts has taken away the prospect of investment in a new system in the foreseeable future.”

The city council decided it would no longer be viable to operate the system without the participation of Arriva.

Star Trak had been a partnership between Leicestershire County Council, Arriva Midlands, First, Kinchbus and Trentbarton buses.

Cllr Osman added, “We will continue to work with our partners and third parties to explore options for the future and to implement an orderly shut-down of the remaining system across the East Midlands.”

The future of the system had been uncertain since Nottingham City Council left the Star Trak consortium in October of last year.

The shut-down will save the city council £200,000 a year in subsidies and staffing costs.

Photograph from www.oxford-chiltern-bus-page.co.uk

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