Friday, 15 April 2011

Extra Funding To Tackle Potholes

By Ben Aulakh

A Midlands council has been given an extra £3 million to repair potholes, caused during the freezing conditions over Christmas and New Year.

Worcestershire County Council has been awarded with the extra funding in the recent budget.

The council is now urging residents to report any potholes they see to help ensure the county's roads are as safe as possible.

Jon Fraser, Worcestershire County Council's Customer and Community Manager said “Given the amount of road in Worcestershire, we rely heavily on members of the public letting us know about any potholes they may come across.”

“I would encourage anyone who sees a pothole to let us know about it – please don't assume that we already know.”

Potholes can be reported to the local authority by visiting, and filling in a simple form with details of the defect, the location and uploading any pictures that may have been taken.

A defect on the road can also be reported at any local contact centre or by calling the Worcestershire Hub on 0845 6072005

In the last year more than 33,000 potholes have been filled, and the council says that the more information at its the quicker and more efficiently problems can be dealt with.

Currently, only about 40 per cent of known potholes are reported by the public.

By the end of September this year full details of exactly where the extra funding has been spent will be available to the public on the council’s

Worcestershire County currently spends around £11million a year on highway maintenance, which includes potholes, road surfacing, drainage, grass-cutting, road markings and signage.

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