Friday, 8 July 2011

Construction Giants Save Council Thousands

By Ben Aulakh

More than £6.3 million in savings has been made by Birmingham City council after it extended the contracts of two construction giants to maintain the city’s 40,000 council properties.

Building firms Willmott Dixon Partnerships and Mears Group have will continue to repair and maintain tenants home in the south of the city up to October 2015.

Strategic Director for Homes and Neighbourhoods Elaine Elkington said, ““We have worked hard to secure the best deal possible that delivers value for money, as well as a responsive, tenant orientated service.

“The City’s tenant representatives voted overwhelmingly to retain both contract partners to continue providing their service, and have insisted on improved performance throughout the term of the contract.

The construction giants will have responsibility for servicing and maintaining high rise flats, traditional built houses and sheltered housing schemes.

The local authority says it will be able to make further savings of £1.1m by reducing support services and overheads, as well as cutting back on the duplication of resources.

Both contracts will see companies given the mandate of repairing council tenant’s properties by providing an excellent service with no slip in service standards. 

The council says it remains committed to working in conjunction with Willmott Dixon and Mears Group to ensure these challenging targets for quality are achieved.

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