Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Off-Duty Police Officers Honoured for Bravery

Sergeant James Oliver and PC Dean Fenton.

By Ben Aulakh

Two off-duty police officers from Nottinghamshire who risked life and limb to arrest three violent criminals are to be honoured at a special awards ceremony in London later this year.

Sergeant James Oliver and PC Dean Fenton came across three men attempting to start a car with a screwdriver, in Mansfield, just after they had knocked off from their night shift in August 2009.

The officers, who were without their radios or any protective equipment, pulled over their car and pursed the three suspects on foot,

Sergeant Oliver was attacked by the three suspects, armed with tools, sustaining a drop kick to the chest, a suspected fractured hand and injuries to his elbows hand and head.

However Sgt Oliver managed to fight them off as they took turns attacking him, and was even able to arrest one of the men for attempted theft of a motor vehicle and police assault

Chief Supertindentt Simon Nickless who nominated the officers for the accolade said, “This dedication to duty and their bravery epitomises everything we want to see in our officers.

“They went above and beyond the call of duty, in a dangerous and unpredictable situation, without any protective equipment, and their determination saw two men arrested and put before the court for their crimes.”

PC Dean Fenton also managed to arrest the main offender after he attempted to run and hide in bushes.

Unfortunately the officers were unable to detain the third man who made his escape.

However both officers returned to the police station to complete a comprehensive handover of the two detained criminals before Sgt Oliver went to hospital for treatment.

They both returned to work later the same day to complete another night shift.

PC Mick Taylor of the Police Federation said, “James and Dean have shown all the great qualities that we have come to expect from our officers.

“This was an off-duty arrest of hardened criminals at a time when our officers are facing hardship due to a constant attack on their pay and conditions; we hope that everyone will remember the actions of James and Dean.”

“While off-duty, they put their own safety on the line in order to protect the public. This selfless attitude is replicated everyday by officers across the country.”

Both officers will be attending the national Police Federation Bravery Awards event in London in October.

Speaking of their nominations Sgt Oliver said, “I’m honoured to have been nominated I know there is a lot of police officers and police staff who have done similar deeds in the past couple of years so I’ll cross my fingers for Team Notts.”

PC Dean Fenton said: “I’m really looking forward to representing Notts at these awards, and feel honoured to do so.”

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