Thursday, 13 September 2012

Coventry School Defies Gove on Academy Status

By Ben Aulakh

A Coventry school has beaten back government attempts to turn it into an academy by showing a marked improvement in some of its key subjects over the past 12 months.

Earlier this year the Education Secretary Michael Gove issued the local authority with a warning to begin the process of changing the status of Henley Green Primary School into an academy.

Mr Gove cited previous SAT exam results in the core subjects of Maths and English as being below the government’s floor targets, and the reason behind his decision.

The council did not agree with the proposal as the school had been working hard at improving the results it was achieving in the two subjects; they challenged the legality of the Secretary of State's action in trying to force the school to become an academy.

The case put forward by the council was backed up by the recent SAT examinations at Henley Green which showed a 20 per cent improvement in the Maths and English when compared to the previous year.

Councillor David Kershaw Cabinet Member for Education said, “I am delighted that Mr Gove has made the decision not to fight our legal challenge.

“We are delighted that he recognises the commitment and strong leadership from the headteacher, staff and governors, and the confidence of parents and the community.” 

“Mr Gove has also informed us the school will have a visit from Ofsted inspectors and we are confident that the school will do well in the inspection and continue its journey of improvement into the future.”

Henley Green Primary has been working in strong partnership with the Council and other City schools to improve the standards and quality of education in the school.

 Provisional data confirms that 89 per cent of its Year 6 pupils had made expected or better progress in English since the end of Year 2, and 78 per cent have made expected or better progress in Maths. 

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