Monday, 24 August 2009

Warwick's new recycling scheme a success

By Ben Aulakh

More than 20,000 recycling containers have been delivered across Warwick District, one year on from the launch of a new scheme.

Figures from the council also show that more than 52% of all waste produced in the borough is being recycled.

From April 2008 residents were given two options, boxes for paper, glass and cans, and bags for plastic bottles, batteries and cardboard.

Zoe Blevins from Warwick’s Waste Management Team said, “There is no limit to the numbers of plastic boxes and bags that a resident can have, all we ask is they do not request more than they can use.

“For example I am a family of five – I have three boxes – one for paper, one for glass and one for tin, I also have two bags – one for plastic bottles and one for cardboard.”

Extra containers can be picked up at certified “collection sessions,” operatives also carry a small quantity of bags to deliver to people who need them.

This strategy is in contrast to that employed by Stratford-upon-Avon Council, which offers residents a blue-lidded wheelie bin for their recycling.

Mrs Blevins added, “Stratford have a different collection method to us, it is called co-mingled. Their recycling is collected in one wheelie-bin, and the mixed up materials are tipped into a lorry and taken away to be sorted.

“This type of collection can result in a lower quality and quantity due to contamination, whereas our contractors sort at the kerbside only taking what we can recycle.”

Residents are also able to have whatever combination suits them and their property, though for health and safety reasons they advise people stick to the format they have laid out.

The most efficient way of collecting re-usable waste will be renewed when the council contract is reviewed in 2013.

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