Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Recycling scheme kicks up a gear

By Ben Aulakh

People in Sandwell are being given a new way to recycle thanks to a scheme being launched by the council.

Six and a half thousand blue-lidded wheelie bins will be delivered around the borough, to replace the weekly green-bag and box collections run by the Community Recycling Venture.

The new bins will allow people to recycle plastics, cardboard and drinks cartons in addition to the paper, cans and glass that are already collected.

Andrea Morris from Sandwell Waste said, “The new fortnightly collection has come in response to both resident demand and a commitment by the council to recycle more household waste and divert it from landfill.”

They are part of a focus on increasing recycling and composting rates, the aims are to recycle 50 per cent of waste by 2015 and 55 per cent by 2020.

Hazel Ward of 39 Sidaway Close said, “We take about a boot-full a week of tins, jars and bottles Blackheath when we go to do the shopping, to the recycling in Sainsbury’s car park, drop them off as we go into town.

“These bins are a very good idea and they will definitely save us having to do that, we could probably do with having a second bin.”

Bins were first delivered to people in the Great Barr, Newton and Hamstead areas in August last year with those in Smethwick having their bins by Christmas.

The final phase of the scheme – deliveries to Old Warley – began in June 2009, it is expected that around 60, 000 homes in eight of the 15 collection areas will have theirs by summer next year.

Mrs Morris added, “The bins will utilise a co-mingled recycling system which means residents have no need to segregate different materials, plus having one container means there is less potential for littering.”

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