Monday, 15 March 2010

British Asian Newspaper "A Joke."

By Ben Aulakh

“Not a business, just a joke; that’s the verdict of one former member of staff of the British Asian Newspaper.

Ben Aulakh, a former Deputy Editor at the publication – who worked their between October 2009 and March 2010 – has derided the newspaper as “a complete joke.”

The BAN was formed in October 2009 by Tahir Mahmood; however the paper has never been registered with companies’ house, nor is it registered to pay VAT.

The publication has also seen a high turn over of staff; more than nine workers have left in just the first 6 months of the paper being established.

They were also paid between £150 and £300 in cheques for between three and six months work; and were never given formal work contracts.

Mr Aulakh said, The newspaper is just a complete joke, none of the staff were ever paid properly, we were never given proper work contracts and I personally had to fork out more than a thousand pounds in train fares commuting to the office.

“While all I was given in recompense for that was a pathetic cheque for just £150 pounds. I feel that I have been cheated by Mr Mahmood, a sentiment shared by many former members of staff at the paper.”

Mr Mahmood had promised in December 2009, January 2010 and March 2010 to give contracts to his staff, however these never materialised.

The original Deputy Editor also left within the first two months of the newspaper being established.

Two journalists and a photographer quit in early March this year after it became clear they were never going to be paid for the work they were doing, nor were they ever going to receive legally binding contracts.


  1. Shoddy work practices, no business sense, poor english, a natural liar and about as much chance of asian success within the newspaper industry as The Guardian giving Tahir Mahmood a job as Editor!

    Tahir abused his position as Editor to exploit our good British Asian ethics and work ethos.

  2. awesome artical. "I feel he needs to receive a nicely wrapped brick through his window " A former worker quoted.

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  4. As also a former staff member of BAN. I always used to stand upto people cussing 'Asian' working practices. But after experiencing my employment with Tahir Mahmood, I couldn't agree more.

  5. Does anyone know where Tahir Mahmood the con-artist is now?

  6. Sadly not. A friend of mine bumped into him a couple of years back, but nothing since then. I keep hoping to hear he's been arrested.