Monday, 14 June 2010

More Arrests Made Under Drink Drive Campaign

By Ben Aulakh

Two drunk drivers were arrested in Leicestershire on June 9 as part of a campaign to bring alcohol-fuelled motoring in the county to an end.

The Leicestershire Road Safety Partnership Campaign has brought to book a total of 29 drink drivers since it began on June 1, 2010.

Officers working alongside the campaign have also been offering advice to football fans ahead of the first week of matches in the Football World Cup.

Chief Inspector Nick Glynn of the Leicestershire Constabulary Roads Policing Unit said, “We’re working 24 hours-a-day to keep the roads safe by tackling drink drivers.

“We are breathalysing those we suspect to be driving under the influence of a substance.”

Under present rules officers can stop motorists and ask them to pull over if they are not wearing their seatbelt or if the car is defective in someway, such as driving with a light out or with fog lights on unnecessarily.

If the officer then smells alcohol or drugs or it appears the driver is impaired in some way, the officer could then ask the motorist to complete a breath test of field impairment drug test.

Insp Glynn added, “We are saying to the public enjoy yourself but if you are going to drink then do the right thing, leave your car at home; get a taxi or take the bus; and above all don’t drink and drive.”

The campaign runs from June 1 until June 30; officers are asking anyone who spots a drink driver to make a note of their registration plate and direction of travel and call the police on 0116 222 2222.

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