Monday, 14 June 2010

'Pay What You Like' at Birmingham Restaurant

By Ben Aulakh

A Birmingham restaurant is offering diners the chance to ‘pay what they want’ for their dinner at a special event later this month.

The Saffron Restaurant, Oldbury, Birmingham is hoping the promotion – called ‘Let’s Go Local’ – will help to highlight the very best seasonal produce the Midlands has to offer.

On the evening of Monday June 21 anyone visiting the restaurant will have the chance to pay the price they feel is right for their food.

Saffron’s Executive Chef Mr Sudha said: “I want to support Midland farmers and growers by buying their fresh, seasonal produce and flavouring it with authentic spices to create innovative multicultural cuisine.

“I also want as many guests as possible to enjoy the experience, which is why we are not putting a price on the menu and only asking guests to pay what they feel their meal was worth.”

This is the first time the restaurant has offered anything like this to the public; all the local produce used on the special menu will be bought on the Monday morning by restaurant staff.

Regular and first-time diners, top chefs and food critics will also be invited to give staff their views on the dishes.

Mr Sudha added, “I believe that sourcing low-mileage local produce and fruit and vegetables is vital for sustaining both the regional economy and the environment.”

Anyone wishing to take part in this special occasion is asked to contact the restaurant on 0121 552 1752.

Diners wishing to book a table for the night are asked to make it for between 6pm and 8.30pm.

You can find out more about the restaurant at

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