Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Firsts Abound in Prime Minister's Questions.

By Ben Aulakh

It will be a Prime Minister’s Questions of notable firsts when David Cameron takes to the despatch box at midday today.

Prime Minister David Cameron will face his first PMQ’s since the May 6 general election yielded a hung parliament.

It will be his first time at the despatch box as the leader of the recently formed coalition government with the Liberal Democrats, the first since 1974.

It will also be the first time since 1997 that Labour will be sitting in opposition, with Deputy Leader Harriet Harman as acting leader of the party.

Mr Cameron will also be the only Tory Leader since 1997 to take questions as Prime Minister since John Major lost the election in the same year.

Another first will be for Nick Clegg; it will be the first time since he took over as Leader of the Liberal Democrats that Mr Clegg will not be asking any questions at the weekly political ritual.

Instead the Deputy Prime Minister will hold his own session once a month.

It’s expected the recent expenses scandal surrounding former Chief Secretary to the
Treasury David Laws, and the hijacking of aid boats by Israeli soldiers will be the most high profile issues discussed.

The £6 billion pounds Mr Laws and Chancellor George Osborne have said they have identified to be cut from public spending may also be high on the agenda.

Mrs Harman is expected to give Mr Cameron a difficult time in today’s PMQ’s after looking confident and assured in her questioning during last week’s Queens Speech.

The Prime Minister could also face a difficult question from one of his own backbench MP’s, David Carswell, member for Clacton.

Mr Carswell is expected to be critical of the government’s planned increase in capital gains tax.

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