Thursday, 25 November 2010

Four New Fire Stations in West Country

By Ben Aulakh

People in Gloucestershire could soon be safer from the dangers of fire, thanks to the council giving the go ahead for four new fire stations in the county.

Gloucestershire County Council agreed to tender the contract for the new stations at a full meeting of the council yesterday.

The four new purpose built community fire facilities will replace the two old sites in Cheltenham and Gloucester, which are no longer considered fit for purpose.

The four new buildings will cost an extra £3.8 million over 25 years, compared to the cost of replacing the two current fire stations.

Cllr Will Windsor-Clive, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Youth, said, “"We know people are going to question why we want to go ahead with these new fire stations in these difficult financial times,
“However they actually represent very good value for money for Gloucestershire.”

Due to financial support from Government, the cost to the county's taxpayers to build the four new facilities - including repair, maintenance and running costs over the next 25 years - will be £21.5million. 

Mr Windsor Clive added, “They will ensure the Fire & Rescue Service can fulfil the crucial eight-minute target for getting to life-threatening incidents in Cheltenham and Gloucester.”

There are currently areas of Cheltenham and Gloucester where the fire service can't get to life-threatening incidents within the eight minute target.

Fire stations will be built at Cheltenham Road East in Churchdown and Shepherd Road in Tuffley, which replaces the current Gloucester fire station at Eastern Avenue.

A new station will be built at Uckington while the current station in Keynsham Road, Cheltenham, will be demolished and rebuilt at that location.

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