Thursday, 25 November 2010

Posters to Tackle Paan Spitting

The paan mixture

By Ben Aulakh

A poster campaign warning people of the penalties that they could face for spitting a tobacco-based mixture called paan is being launched in the East Midlands.

Paan is a chewable mixture of tobacco, nuts and spices, wrapped in a leaf and is most common among the Asian community.

When the mixture is spat onto pavements the deposit dries to leave a dark red stain which is costly to remove.

Leicester City Council has produced posters to warn paan users that anyone found spitting the mixture in public could face an £80 fine.

Councillor Sarah Russell, Cabinet member for environment and sustainability said, “Paan spitting leaves an ugly stain on pavements. 

“It’s antisocial, expensive to clean away and can become a real eyesore in a neighbourhood.”

“These posters are a warning and we hope that, when facing an £80 fine, people will think twice before spitting on our streets.”

The campaign comes after an increasing number of complaints being raised at ward committee meetings about pavements stained by the practice.

The posters will initially appear in the Coleman, Latimer and Belgrave, Spinney Hills, Stoneygate and Charnwood wards.

Leicester’s city wardens have already responded to complaints raised in the Coleman area, working with the local stockist, Dreamland Paan, which has since installed a special paan bin.

 The city warden for the Coleman area has also issued the city’s first penalty notice for paan spitting.

Photograph by Charles Haynes

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