Wednesday, 29 December 2010

East Midlands Drugs Crackdown

By Ben Aulakh

A Christmas and New Year crackdown on drugs has been launched in Leicester.

A major operation saw police in the city screen more than 75 people for drugs at The Reynard pub on Market Street in the city centre, on December 17.

During the operation – which ran between 8.15pm and 9.50pm – three people were found to have traces of drugs on them; they were then searched by officers and refused entry into the bar.

PC Jon Webb, from the City Centre Violence and Disorder Team said, “All customers were compliant and happily worked with us when we carried out the tests, if they haven’t got anything to hide then the test shouldn’t be an issue.

 “Although three people were found to have traces of drugs on them, once searched no drugs were found; out of 75 that isn’t bad, but it could be better. “

Police hope the operation will raise awareness among drug users that we will be out over the festive season that they are doing all they can to do tackle drugs misuse in the city.

The test involves officers wiping a Teflon coated strip across areas of a person – such as hands and pockets – where drugs may have been present

The Teflon strip is then analysed with a machine which immediately provides the officer with a reading; it can detect the presence of the majority of illegal drugs, including cannabis, cocaine and heroin.

“Chris Rowsell, General Manager at The Reynard said, “We wanted to show people that it is unacceptable to bring drugs into our pub.

“We will always be in partnership with the police’s licensing department and are happy to help them pilot initiatives like this that they are running.”

This drugs initiative is just one of many being ran by the Safer Leicester Partnership as part of the Government funded project TKAP – Tackling Knives and Serious Youth Violence Action Program.

Anyone with information about drugs misuse or dealing in Leicester is urged to call Leicestershire Constabulary on 0116 222 2222.

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