Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Police Warning Not To Leave Presents On Show

By Ben Aulakh

People in Warwickshire are being warned not to advertise presents under the tree to burglars this Christmas.

Ian King, Crime Prevention Officer for Warwickshire Police said, “Don’t let someone else enjoy Christmas at your expense.

“Please keep Christmas presents out of the view of opportunist burglars and help protect yourself and your belongings from harm.”

Christmas is a peak time of year for opportunist burglars on the look-out for easy pickings, and wrapped presents under the tree may prove too good an opportunity to miss.

Police are advise homeowners to close their curtains and blinds, no matter how pretty their decorations and Christmas tree may look.

They are also warning people not to hide presents in cars, garden sheds or garages.

Crime Prevention Officers also say that if you go out remember to leave or radio tuned to a talk station on, to give the impression that someone is at home.

People are also being advised to mark opened presents with an ultra-violet pen or with Smartwater, both of which show up under ultra-violet light.

Labelling property in this way makes it more difficult to sell on, and increases the likelihood of police identifying the owner of stolen goods.

Both types of property labelling are available from Neighbourhood Watch groups and from all police stations.

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