Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Week Of Protests Against Trebling Of Fees

UOB students are marking a week of protests against fees changes

By Ben Aulakh

Students in Birmingham are taking action as part of a week of protests at the government’s proposed trebling of university tuition fees.

With the crucial vote on whether to allow universities to treble their fees taking place on Thursday, students from across the city are hoping to make their voices heard in opposition to the proposals.

A concert against cuts is being held today at the University of Birmingham – UOB –, with live music, speeches and fundraising in the campuses main square from 1pm.

Tomorrow students are being invited to meet at the University’s Guild of Students at 12pm to travel by bus to the city centre for a final protest against the rise in fees.

They will be joined by undergraduates from Aston and Birmingham City University’s, before marching from the city’s Millennium Point to the entrance of the Bullring for a rally.

Dora Meredith, President of the University of Birmingham’s Guild of Students said, “We’re encouraging all of our students to take part in our final campaign push and to get involved in all opportunities for peaceful protest.

“With the vote just a matter of days away, we need to build on the momentum of our campaign so far and make a final shout to MP’s,

We want to make it clear we’re not ready to give up and watch them vote in favour for a rise in fees, and instead we will fight this to the very end!”

A mass rally has also been planned on Thursday, to coincide with the crucial vote on university fees; following the vote, the National Union of Students will hold a candlelit vigil at 9pm outside Parliament.

UOB students will be able to watch the debate throughout the day as it plays out live, on screens, in the Guild’s Joe’s Bar.

Photograph from Stephen Boisvert

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