Sunday, 13 March 2011

Woman saved by city service

By Ben Aulakh

A Birmingham woman who ‘thought she was going to die’ as a result of her alcoholism has paid tribute to a city service that helps addicts get their lives back on track.

Jane, who is 33-years-old, has said how a mixture of panic attacks and excessive drinking caused her life to spiral out of control.

However, after being prescribed beta blockers by her GP to regulate her racing pulse, she was referred to the city’s A-Team,   Birmingham's primary care alcohol and healthy living service.

Jane said, “At one point I really thought I was going to die, it's been a real wake-up call and I feel really lucky that I was able to get help from the A-Team.”

Two months on Jane says she has stopped drinking, the panic attacks have subsided and she is facing up to the problems that caused her boozing to spiral out of control.

The Bournville based A-Team aims to reduce individuals' drinking and provide alcohol awareness across the city.

Working with more than 50 GP surgeries in the city the service organises free workshops in company offices, setting up peer-support groups and offering one-to-one sessions.

Jane, who works for the family business, had been drinking heavily for years, but didn't realise the toll it was taking on her body.

“I'd started to get panic attacks and was in quite a state, my mum took me to the doctors and she found my pulse rate was high.

“She gave me tablets to calm me down but she also referred me to the A-Team, where I went along to the service for six free one-to-one sessions with a trained member of staff.”

The 33-year-old admits that talking to a stranger about her addiction was easy, because she didn’t feel like she was being judged.

Jane added, “I learned a lot about what alcohol can do to you: I had health problems, including pins and needles in my arms and legs that I didn't realise were linked to my drinking.

“I needed a clear head to deal with them yet I was hung over all the time, now I feel so much better and I'm able to face things myself without needing a drink to help me.”

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