Thursday, 18 August 2011

More Than a Hundred Arrests After Notts Violence

More than a hundred arrests have been made after violence hit the city

By Ben Aulakh

A total of 117 people have so far been arrested by police in Nottingham in connection with the violence and disorder the hit the city on Monday August 8 and Tuesday August 9.

So far 75 of them have charged with a variety of offences relating to violent disorder, including possession of an offensive weapon and being drunk and disorderly.

However a heavy police presence on the streets on Wednesday night combined with the hard-line response of authorities and effective community involvement, have all been cited has keeping the streets trouble free.

Councillor Collins Nottingham City Council Leader said, “Last week a small number of people showed a side of Nottingham which is unacceptable and which will not be tolerated.

“Thankfully the vast majority of people showed Nottingham at its best, with a really positive response from citizens, council staff and Notts Police who did a sterling job.”

“For me, the many young people who didn't engage in the disorder, the parents who acted responsibly, the community leaders who urged calm, all showed what Nottingham is really all about.”

The Deputy Prime Minister also praised both police and the wider community in Nottingham for working together to tackle sporadic violence in the city last week.

Visiting the city he said, “People should be rightly proud that the community and police have worked so effectively together and that there wasn't any looting and rioting in the city centre.”

However, although only 15 retail premises were attacked across the whole city, more arrests were made in the city on the Tuesday night, something which police say took many troublemakers off the streets at an early stage.

Cllr Collins added, “People involved in the disturbances have only damaged their community, their chances of getting a job and if they're a council tenant, they could lose their home.”

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