Thursday, 18 August 2011

Two Million For Brum In Aftermath of Violence

By Ben Aulakh

A Midlands council has outlined how it plans to help businesses rebuild in the aftermath of the riots that swept the UK last week.

Birmingham city council is hoping to receive £2 million form the £20 million national High Street Recovery fund, to support businesses damaged or forced to close during the violence.

The council has also outlined which businesses in the city will be eligible to bid to a slice of the money the city hopes to receive.

Firstly the local authority plans to offer a 25 per cent reduction in business rates, to complement the 75 per cent reduction being offered to affected companies by national government.

To qualify for the rate relief the relevant business will have to show the suffered directly from the violence between August 6 and 11, and they would suffer further hardships without a rate cut.

Secondly BCC is offering grants to those firms with fewer than 250 employees and an average turnover of less than £11.2 million per annum, who suffered during the unrest.

It’s hoped these grants will enable businesses to recover losses not covered by insurance pay-outs, hire temporary accommodation, and clean up and emergency repairs to premises or vehicles.  

The grants will also cover additional staff costs, structural surveys and associated professional costs arising from any direct damage to buildings by the rioters.

Since the disturbances, officers from the City Council have proactively been out to talk to up to 100 businesses that were directly affected by the disorder

Any business wishing to find out more about the recovery scheme and how to bid for grants and rate relief should contact the City Council on a dedicated phoneline, on 0121 464 8164

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